In the framework of the RESCUE project, several internal trainings have been conducted for the R-SOS unit staff of the Lebanese University.

The first training regarding the “Laws, regulations and the administrative procedures at the UL” was conducted by the head of the legal and judicial affairs at the UL, Ms. Nada Smaili. In this training the staff learned about the specific university structure, laws and regulations, especially the study regulations i.e. the recognition of studies and documentation support.

The second training concerning the “Different faculties, specialties and courses”, was conducted by Dr. Zalpha Ayoubi, former dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and member of the International Relations Office. In this training the staff will get to learn about the various specializations and programs at the university as well as the requirements for admission and courses of programs. Moreover, this training provided them with an overview of the available language courses in Arabic, English and French languages.

The third training entitled “Cultural Aspects”, was given by Dr. Joseph Ghazi from the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences. A presentation was made regarding the difficulties that the refugees encounter on different levels (Health, social, psychological, and educational), furthermore, the staff were acquainted to the cultural aspects of the country and the regional differences.

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