The UNHCR through ACTED NGO implemented a training session at the R-SOS Unit, dedicated to Child Protection in Duhok Governorate for Syrian, non-Syrian refuges and asylum seekers inside and outside of the camps. The training session was delivered to 15 participants who were considered as Child Protection Committee’s (CPC) members. The participants included UoD students, teachers, high school students and participants from different knowledge background.

Dr. Catalina Jerez Paredero from the University of Barcelona had the first monitoring visited in Duhok during May 14-16, 2019. She visited our R-SOS unit and Lab at UoD; she also attended the session and gave a brief speech along with Prpf. Dr. Rund Hammoudi, to the participants about the services that R-SOS present.

Since one of the main concerns of our students is scholarships, she announced that the University of Barcelona is going to lunch scholarships for 15 vulnerable students in June.

The R-SOS staff confirmed that they will announce the scholarships as soon as there are lunched, and showed their readiness to help the students.