9 October 2018


Official Gathering and Registration of Participants

  9h00 -11h00

Opening speech TU Berlin and UNIMED: RESCUE agenda for the meeting

TU Berlin – Prof. Dr-Ing. Matthias Barjenbruch

        UNIMED – Raniero Chelli

 Partners presentation summary of activities performed until Oct 2018  (5 Minutes each) 1 representative per each partner showing activities performed until Oct. 18

P1 UNIMED – P2 Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” – P3 Universitat de Barcelona – P4 Technische Universitaet Berlin – P5 Istanbul Aydin University – P6 Holy Spirit University of Kaslik –  P7 Lebanese University – P8 University of DuhokP9 Duhok Polytechnic University – P10 Association of Arab Universities – P11 Yarmouk University – P12 Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan – P13 Zarqa University 

 11h00 – 11h15

Coffee Break

 11h15- 13h00

         WP3 – State of the art and future actions

       IAU – Nazim Celal Irem and Bahar Kavala

         UNIMED – Marco Di Donato and Raniero Chelli

Focus on T3.4 tasks and awareness campaign activities to be performed. Reaching potential users by involving stakeholders.

13h00 – 14h00


14h00- 14h30

WP7 – Equipment state of the art

UNIMED – Raniero Chelli

 14h30 – 16h30

Sustainability Session: How to guarantee a sustainable action Plan also after the end of the project – UNIMED, Raniero Chelli

Presentation of the issue and possible options: Raniero Chelli (30’)

Three separate working groups one per MENA country: definition of possible action plans for sustainability (60’)

Presentation of results and discussion (30’)


Wrap Up and conclusions of day 1

UNIMED – Raniero Chelli


10 October 2018



WP3 and WP6 – Dissemination of achieved results

        IAU – Nazim Celal Irem and Bahar Kavala


        Define what we have disseminated and how by creating working groups and dissemination action plans. Clarifying differences between awareness and dissemination.

11h00 -11h20

Coffee Break


WP3 and WP6 – Design Awareness Campaign

        IAU – Nazim Celal Irem and Bahar Kavala


       Presentation and discussion of the awareness campaign calendar . By creating working groups and dissemination action plans. Design T3.5 strategy.

13h00 -14h00



WP5 – Quality Plan

        UNIROMA1 – Gabriella D’Ambrosio

Presentation and discussion of the quality results


WP6 – Dissemination Plan

   AArU and UNIMED

Presentation and discussion of the dissemination problems, results, way of improving


Definition of future actions and deadlines

   UNIMED  – Raniero Chelli