The RESCUE project is currently engaged in the delivery of long string of training courses aimed at creating the competencies of the future staff of the R-SOS units which will become operational in fall this year.

In this frame two officials from UNIMED, Raniero Chelli and Marco Di Donato, travelled in the week starting on July the 9th, and spent two days in Amman, kindly hosted by Zarqa University and two days in Beirut, where the training was hosted by the Lebanese International University.

In Jordan, the training was attended by the selected staff from the three local partner Universities, namely Zarqa (hosting the meeting), Al Zaytoonah and Yarmouk. The training concentrated on the instruments supporting the international mobility for students and staff from Southern Mediterranean Universities to Europe and vice-versa. For this reason the National Erasmus+ Offices representatives (NEOs) of both countries were invited and were so kind to accept the invitation.

Professor Ahmad Abu-El-Haija, Director of the  National Erasmus+ Office in  Jordan was so kind not only to attend the meeting but also to deliver a very extensive and detailed presentation of the International Credit Mobility programme under Erasmus+ as an opportunity to support the mobility of Jordanian students and staff to European destinations and vice versa.

The other training session delivered by Dr. Chelli and Dr. Di Donato concentrated on the other opportunities provided by the EU and several other institutions. The objective of providing the students with an overview of the instruments allowing especially local people (students and staff) to travel to Europe for training purposes was fully achieved.

In Lebanon the meeting was hosted by the Lebanese International University (LIU) and was attended by representatives from LIU, the Lebanese University and the Université de Saint Esprit da Kaslijk. The training concerned basically the same topics as in Jordan, including  a presentation of the International Credit Mobility scheme by the Lebanese National Erasmus+ Office representative Prof. Aref Alsoufi. An additional session delivered by Raniero Chelli concerned the Logical Framework approach as a project design methodology.

In the afternoons of the two days, the UNIMED delegation visited the LIU campuses in the Bekaa valley and in Tripoli, where important information was collected regarding the refugees situation in the two regions. This information will be precious in order to adapt the functioning of the R-SOS units to the specific needs of the two regions.

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