University of Duhok meeting with UNHCR and ACTED NGO

On May 6th, 2019 Prof. Dr. Rund A. Hammoudi the Director of the international relations office at University of Duhok, held a meeting with Ms. Rebeen A. Rasheed, Senior Protection Assistant at UNHCR and Ms. Cassandre Van Der Have, Protection Project Manager at ACTED NGO, to discuss about the possibility of conducting few activities of child protection through ACTED NGO at our R-SOS unit. Since our university shows a big support to our R-SOS Unit and the Refugees/IDPs in our city, the UoD has welcomed and gave an immediate approval for the idea. The two parties also discussed different future activities to be held at the R-SOS unit at the University of Duhok and support the Refugee/ IDPs with Duhok Governorate.

The UNHCR is also planning to donate 5 laptops to our R-SOS Unit Lab at UoD, for DAFI refugee students, the UNHCR’s higher education scholarship programme, to support the academic achievements and skills development of the undergraduate refugee students.

The staff of R-SOS Unit, as always have showed their readiness to show all kind of support to the refugee/IDP students, who seek for resuming their academic path.