The Third partnership meeting of the RESCUE – Refugees Education Support in mena CoUntriEs project, which is funded by the European Commission through the EACEA under the Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education programme, was held at the headquarters of the Association of Arab Universities in Amman, Jordan during 20 and 21 December 2017, with the participation of Arab and European partner universities in addition to representatives from the NEO office in Amman who attended on the second day of the meeting.

The agenda of the meeting presented the structure of services and contents of the RESCUE- Student Operational Support units (R-SOS units) which was officially validated by all members of the project so that the practical steps could be taken to launch and operate the (R-SOS units) according to the needs of each university.

Participants also discussed the contents of the training required for each university in order to qualify their staff that are to operate the refugee support centers and all the partners validated the List of Trainings in its edited structure. It was also agreed to start the training on 15/02/2018 and will be completed before 15/05/2018.

Another session was dedicated to Quality where Strengths and weaknesses of major topics covered by the Quality Questionnaires on project management were displayed. Also another session on Dissemination was on the agenda where statistics and data about dissemination activities of RESCUE were shown. All the partners agreed on improving the quality and quantity of Dissemination activities in order to guarantee the future exploitation and sustainability of the project.