Higher Education Institutions are continuously playing a crucial role as social facilitator  and represent a space for dialogue and debate and can be identified as economic engines for the development of the country as well as the region. This is particularly true in some countries which are deeply affected by social, institutional and political crisis: affected by years of war and instability.

Universities are the place where new leaders are trained and from where a new intellectual vanguard can emerge. However Universities need to be supported and encouraged in this difficult, complex and long process avoiding to act alone and by searching to create effective partnership with diversified actors.

Avoiding fragmentation is the first goal in crisis situation where the whole system must work towards the same goal rowing in the same direction. Representatives from Universities and Institutions operating in a crisis context will explain their needs, strategies and operational methodologies, in order to identify common paths with EU partners and representatives. A better and deep knowledge of the for the benefit of local societies and trying to identify future common actions by redirecting future programs for a more effective impact and a stronger sustainability.

In this context and following the 2017 workshop at the UNIMED General Assembly in Paris organized in cooperation with Istanbul Aydin University and  the workshop on Higher Education in crisis prepared for the 2018 edition of the UNIMED WEEK IN BRUSSELS, Raniero Chelli presented the RESCUE project experience.

He explained the state of the art of the RESCUE project (www.rescuerefugees.eu) by insisting on the awareness campaign that will be deployed in the forthcoming months in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Mr. Chelli illustrated the work done until October 2018, results achieved and forthcoming actions inviting the attendees to actively contribute to RESCUE activities for future exploitation and sustainability purposes.

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