In the afternoon of the 15th January, the partners of RESCUE and R-SOS staff moved to Domiz 1 camp where they held an informative session with Syrian refugees, to raise the awareness on the services offered by the R-SOS units and receive first feedbacks from them. The meeting was attended by around 60 camp refugees, plus the vice-manager of the camp and representatives from International Organizations such as UNHCR.

The importance of working actively to create connections with refugees camp shows the ambition of the RESCUE project to immediately enter the field of concreteness and allow future beneficiaries to access to the newly opened R-SOS.

With the launching of the two R-SOS units fully operational in Iraq, RESCUE project has accomplished with the first of its objectives, which is milestone in and keeps motivating the partners and the beneficiaries of the project to work towards the achievement of further results.

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