From the 23-25 April 2019, Nabil Kouatly and Abir Mahdi from LIU RESCUE member visited Istanbul Aydin University for their study visit in the framework of Work Package number 3 trainign activities.

Both of them summarized the experience as following:

In Nabil words: Abir and I held a training in Turkey at Istanbul Aydin University. On the 1st day we had a update of training regarding the conflict management with Dr. Nazim, on the 2nd day we  had a visit to United Work and we met Mrs. Seyda Bodur and her assistant Ms. Huda Al Helal. We were introduced to  the way they work and deal with refugees and how they support them. On the 3rd day, we took a look about the admission procedures for refugees in IAU where we met with both Mr. Ahmad Stiateh and Mr. Ahmed Arif from International Student Affairs office. We also met with 2 Syrian Refugee students were they shared with us their journey from the first day they went to Turkey and the obstacles they faced till they enrolled at IAU. We also had a training under the title: “Creating an Effective Dissemination Strategy of Project Results” with Dr. Ayse Deniz Ozkan.

According to Abir:  The overall impression of the training was great especially the dissemination part that helped us a lot by giving us ideas on how to launch and promote  our office. Dr. Ayshe was helpful and gave us so many examples and ideas that will help us in the project. Other colleagues also gave us clear ideas on how they are working with refugees and gave us solutions for some problems that we might face during the R-SOS activities.

For the photogallery of the event please click here