On July 1st, 2019, the UoD R-SOS unit has successfully conducted the first pilot course at the R-SOS Lab at UoD.

Ms. Soleen Alsofi, an UoD qualified Lecturers at the College of Engineering has started performing her first course on How to Write a Curriculum Vitae, for our refugee and local students at the R-SOS Lab/ UoD. The R-SOS Unit has also welcomed few high school students who were enthusiastic towards developing themselves in the early stages of their life.

Since the participants have shown their true desire to continue receiving the useful information regarding the CV Writing, Ms. Soleen has offered to continue delivering the course one extra day regarding the CV Writing and the interview process. She also confirmed her readiness to continue conducting any course for the benefit of the students.

Ms. Soleen Alsofi will perform a number of courses on Computer basic skills in the coming days during July 2019.