UoD RESCUE Team continues to deliver pilot courses to our refugee/ IDPs students. The UoD R-SOS unit has started to conduct Computer Skills On July 15th, 2019, at the R-SOS Laboratory.

Ms. Soleen Alsofi, continues her performance in conducting the computer skill courses once a week until August 05th, 2019. As one of our main goals is to deliver the benefit to refugees/IDPs and beyond, the R-SOS unit has received regular as well as refugee students. We realized that High School students within Duhok governorate as well as the different refugee camps are excited to attend our courses and to follow up with our R-SOS unit a matter of fact high school students were among the excited members to attend the courses provided by the Unit.

Ms. Soleen Alsofi also insists to request the students to prepare exercises after each course, in order to keep them on track with the information she gives.

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