Interview with a refugee student about their study, the R-SOS Unit, and future plans

Refugee Student Name: Mohammed Khider Mohammed. Studying at the Department of Sociology,
College of Basic Education, University of Duhok.

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Interviews with some Syrian students studying at zarqa university

The interviews took place at Edu-Syria corner on May/16/2018. Students are informed about the ongoing activities to open R-SOS unit. To help planning R-SOS activities, interviews are considered valuable tool to get students needs and expectations of the services to be offered.

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Specific Local – IT Training at Beirut 14 – 16 May

Dr. Anja WIPPER and Dr. Peer-Olaf KALIS from Technische Universitaet Berlin conducted the training at the Lebanese University-Bureau of Foreign Languages where 5 staff of the R-SOS Units participated from the 3 Lebanese universities (Lebanese International University, The Holy Spirit of Kaslik and the Lebanese University).

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Local Training – IT in Amman 8 – 9 May 2018

A two days training was conducted by Dr. Anja Wipper and Mr. Peer-Olaf Kalis from the Technischen Universität Berlin for the staff of the three Jordanian Universities Yarmouk University, Al- Zaytouna University and Zarqa University). The training took place at AARU’s premises in Amman during 8-9 May 2008.

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